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Friday, March 6, 2015

Look No Further Than Yourself

Why is it that some people have more fortunate lives? They don’t seem to be worried about their finances, relationships or career choices. Life seems fairly simple. But what do you really know about their personal lives? If you were to ask them what they think about your life, they may tell you that you are in a better situation than they are. Whether you know it or not you are presenting the reality that you want others to see. This means that if you’re not a person who shares a lot about themselves, you probably haven’t revealed any of the challenges you are going through at the moment. The same thing may be happening with the people around you. In fact, everyone may be going through their own difficulties but like yourself they are keeping it to themselves. That’s why being envious or jealous of others only leads you on a path which is not your own. Believing that what ever your circumstances are now, in a minute your fortune could change to bring you exactly where you were meant to be. Have faith in the Universe, there is more happening in your life than you realize.

koi pond
I have difficulty telling them apart…

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