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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It Wasn't My Intention

How many times have you hurt others with your words? When you find out later the amount of damage that was done, it takes you by surprise. Often times you hear yourself saying, “I’m sorry but that was not my intention.” Words spoken without thinking because you’re angry, frustrated, or just not caring have a way of quickly flowing out of your mouth. You may not even remember what you’ve said because emotions are running high that you’re not paying attention to what you’re saying. Trying to make a point or being right takes precedent over everything else. But after all has calmed down, you may recall some of the hurtful words that were said. Although you may defend what was said because of your pride take a step back and think, was all of this about you and being right. Words are powerful and once said can’t be taken back. They make their way into our hearts where they settle in for a while. We all make mistakes and say things that we don’t intend to, but once we acknowledge what we’ve done it’s time to make amends. It’s not your way to hurt others, even if you’re upset. It’s time to choose your words more carefully and speak from your heart.
Life is like these waves when it crashes down upon you…

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