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Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Will Be Revealed

This is the year that all will be revealed. You don’t realize how many things you’ve kept hidden because you were uncomfortable in sharing with others. Although you say that you trust those around you, do you trust yourself? Do feel confident that the insecurities you hide will be safe? Will you be judged for your weaknesses? Sometimes no matter how much you present yourself to be confident, there are those special moments that you can’t help but reveal your true self. Believe that the Universe is guiding you by the hand and you can be no less or more than anyone else. Know that it’s time to reveal to others all the gifts you’ve been hiding. It’s time to let your spirit shine. No one has the power to judge or criticize who you are. You have a purpose in life and if it’s to be a mirror so that others see the weaknesses within themselves, so be it. Stand tall and have the courage to be all of who you were meant to be.
Betsy - Pier and chairs
Come let’s sit and until the sun goes down…
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