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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Seeing Through The Veil

Sometimes when you get caught up with your emotions, it’s difficult to see beyond your feelings. The hurt, anger, and frustration places a veil in front of your eyes so that you no longer see clearly. The more pain and suffering you experience, the thicker the veil becomes. At this point it becomes so thick that it separates you from your heart, You have created a wall that prevents you from being hurt, but you’ve also built a prison for yourself where others control your life. By holding on to negative feelings, you deplete your energy and motivation to move forward. This is not a place for you to be. It’s time to release all that you are holding so close and lift the veil. Forgive others and yourself for all that has occurred in the past and take control of your life. You are not a victim but a survivor with the power to create a new vision for yourself. It’s time to surround yourself with those who are standing in the light and leave those who have kept you in the dark for they do more harm. File1074
The secret is finding beauty which is hidden…

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