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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Who Are You Pretending To Be Today?

You are getting so good at pretending to be someone who you’re not. In fact, you have gotten used to blending in that you may have lost who you truly are. Is it so important to be yourself when it’s easier and safer to be who others want you to be. You might even say that you have a gift for understanding people and how to meet their needs. Creating a persona like a chameleon changes colors to protect itself from being seen. But think for a moment, where has this gotten you. How long have you been concentrating on others rather than yourself. If you could grant yourself one wish, what would it? Making a wish helps to bring your focus back to you. Use your gift of helping others to your benefit. Know that you are safer being who you are meant to be and standing firmly upon what you know to be true than hiding in the shadows. It’s time to let your light shine bright.
Betsy Dubai Room
It’s time to be where you were meant to be…

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