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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Surrounding Yourself With Light

When all seems to be so dark, remember that there is light that surrounds you. Although you may not see it, it exists. It shines from within you and keeps you safe from harm. You are not as alone as you think. For what is within you has developed over the years. It's the strength that comes from the struggles you've overcome. It's the patience that you've learned when things don't happen within the time that you wanted. It's the faith that you've developed living through the miracles that you have no explanations for. You are the light that will guide you through the darkness that may seem overwhelming. It's time to turn on the light so that it will be dark no more.
The light shines brightest at night...

(I didn't realize what a blessed life I have had an opportunity to have these past few years. Now that there is darkness around me, it is all more glaring. Sometimes you don't know who you are until you are where you aren't supposed to be. What was is no longer. Even the darkness can blind you.)

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