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Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating A Quiet Moment

Getting caught in the craziness of life, you may forget how important the quiet moments can be for your sanity. It's those unexpected times when you're able to slip away for just a minute to relax. When the peace and serenity surrounds you and you can hear yourself breath is far and few between. There are no decisions to make or place where you need to be. Because these times are so uncommon, you need to celebrate this quiet moments. The universe seems to know when you need a break from everything. 
A quiet moment...

(I don't look for a break from the craziness anymore because there never is enough time. But I do appreciate seeing the ocean as I'm driving home, seeing the sun shining through the valley, and eating dinner with my daughter. It may only be only a few minutes, but it's time for celebration. I'll take whatever I can get during these busy times.)

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