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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sharing Our Strength

Our intentions always seem to be at their best when everything is going great in life. It’s easier for us to be compassionate, respectful, forgiving, and patient when we are at peace with ourselves. We even tend to be more tolerant of other’s when our life is balanced. Our thoughts are positive and clear of judgment when there is nothing weighing on our minds at that moment. So what becomes of our good nature when our life turns upside down? It’s not that our intentions become any less genuine, but we may be less inclined to help others. Knowing that life will not always be kind to us, we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when we find that we are not as empathetic as we usually are. It’s times such as these, that we ourselves are in need of a compassionate spirit that will listen to us respectfully, forgive us when our words and actions may be hurtful, and to be patient with us as we go through difficult times. We are all here to share our strengths and to help each other through our weakest moments.
All paths are not meant to be easy…

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