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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Keeping In Touch

How many times do you hear yourself saying, “I really meant to call you”? Time passes by so quickly that we don’t realize how fast the days actually can fly. Although we really do mean to contact our loved ones, we get caught up with our busy life and soon forget. The relationships that we’ve developed over the years will continue for a lifetime, but they do need nurturing. Maybe not on a daily basis, but often enough to remind ourselves how important our loved ones mean to us. It’s amazing no matter how much time has gone by, seeing these people again feels as if time stood still. When you meet someone special it’s not only finding a friend for life, but a rejoining of spirits who knew each other over many lifetimes. So call, text, email, write a letter to those special people, rekindling friendships.
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Celebrating with friends and family…

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