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Monday, June 1, 2015

I Am Not Perfect

I want to be grumpy today. I want to be able to be angry at the way my life is going. I want to be unsatisfied with who I am. Although these moment are few and far between, they exist when I am being the most honest with myself. It’s not that I don’t remember that I should be at my best but when life is as it is and I am feeling low, it’s difficult to remember all my blessings. I don’t need to be reminded of who I am because this is all of who I am. I am not perfect.To be where I am meant to be, I need accept myself as I am which includes my strengths as well as my weakness. I am only a reflection of what my life is becoming. As I continue on my path, I move on from my discontentment. It’s time again to clear the cloudy skies away and let the sun shine upon me once more.
Sometimes looking outward is very soothing…

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