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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's Time To Take Off Your Blinders

When seeing someone who you think has a more prosperous life than yours, how can you not envy them? You feel as if you are working just as hard as they are, but you don’t seem to be as lucky. Life doesn’t seem as easy for you. In the back of your mind you may understand that we all walk different paths, but this doesn’t make you feel any better. Everyone has hardships and blessings that are unique to them. But since you are focusing only on what is missing in your life, you are blind to the joy that also exists. So what you imagine to be a better life may not be. It’s time to move on from a place of wanting what others have and take off the blinders that prevent you from seeing the blessings that surround you. Know that you do not need to envy anyone else because you have all you need at this time to live the life you desire.
We all need a lighthouse to guide us through the dark…

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