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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Contented To Be Where You Are

You have been working hard to build a life you have always imagined yourself to be living. But somehow you have gotten caught up with everyday responsibilities that your dreams have faded to the background. Your dreams may have dimmed a bit, but they still exist somewhere in the back of your mind. It only takes a picture or a clip in a movie to remind you of how you wanted life to be. How different is your life now from what you imagined it to be? For some of you, life is exactly that way you’ve always wanted it to be, but for those who are still not comfortable with the way things are, are you willing to make some adjustments? To change what is to what you would like it to be. Being contented to be where you are can be a reality, if you want it bad enough.
Sit for a while and enjoy where you are at the moment…

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