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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Understanding Chaos

In life, it is our hope that we live a peaceful existence. That we surround ourselves with nurturing and supportive souls, but often times there are those who create chaos in our lives. Whether they are a friend or family member, we begin to question why the universe has placed them with us. If our life's purpose is to live a more compassionate life, shouldn't the universe bring those who can teach us about compassion. Stop! I get it. If we had more control over our journey, we would choose an easier path.  But how will we learn about true compassion, if we are not forced to experience these painful situations. It would have to be a loved one because they mean more to us than someone we don't know. We may not understand where our journey takes us, but know that the universe flows through us giving us the strength to overcome anything. Today, reflect upon the people in your life. Know that whether they are supportive of you or not, they are all there to guide you towards your heart's desire.

I am so appreciative of the special people in my life...

B - I will miss your laughter and smiling face.
Be true to yourself and you will always find your way through life!

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