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Monday, August 8, 2011

Manifesting Our Desires

There are times when we wish our life was a little different. "I know my life would be better if I  ..." We pray on it, create vision boards, and even buy "how to" books, so we can attain our desires. When we unexpectedly receive what we asked for, we often say that we manifested it. But what about those who haven't received the detailed instructions on how to manifest. Do they go through life not being able to attain their heart's desires? The universe flows unceasingly, whether we know how to manifest or not. When we release the need to control our lives, our journey will be provided with what we desire. Today, do something different. Instead of concentrating on yourself, focus on another person who needs your help. By doing for others selflessly, we fulfill one of our own spirit's desire, to live a compassionate life.
Seeing beauty like this,
know that the universe is creating something as beautiful in your own life...

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