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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Positive Thinking Brings Positive Outcomes

There are times when we give others the power to direct our life.  These are people who are filled with negative energy, who seem to hold us hostage so we have difficulty moving forward in our life. We feel confused, angered, and helpless by their actions towards us. Our response is to talk about them to who ever will listen. "Why are they doing this?" "What should I do?"  "What did I do to them?" As we give more of our time and energy to the negativity, it begins to build in strength and we become victims of our own making. To prevent this from happening, immediately stop talking about these people. Say a prayer of compassion for them and wish them well. The universe will guide you to people who will nurture you and fill your world with genuine love. Today, stop being a victim of negativity. Stay true to who you are and your heart's desire will be fulfilled.
Although I'm very small, my love for you is as big as the biggest sea turtle you have ever seen...

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