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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Choosing Our Words Carefully

There are times in life, when we make commitments to ourselves and to others. At that moment, we have every intention of fulfilling our obligations. In fact, we are enthusiastic about having committed ourselves to something we believe in. As time goes by, our interest wanes and we lose the momentum that we initially had. When reminded of what we had said, we shrug it off as if it wasn't important and it didn't matter. But it is important and it does matter because life is about the commitments we make to ourselves and others. It's about listening more carefully to what we are saying, for our words have energy. How long before our words lose all their meaning? Today, choose your words carefully and only commit to what you believe you can see through to the end. For there is power in living a life of true intentions. 

I know I promised you could paint your room any color, but orange...

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