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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Life's Eternal Dance

Sometimes it gets frustrating when every step you move forward, you take three steps back. Although each step you take seems a momentous, moving in the opposite direction can be discouraging. But in the long run,although it's difficult to believe you are where you're supposed to be. Because it's not in the movements that you gauge your life, but the special moments that you experience. It's those breath taking seconds that time seems to stop that make everything else seem to disappear. Think of life as an everlasting dance that you are having with the universe. Moving back and forth to the music that only you can hear can be mesmerizing. Believe that the steps you take, whether going backwards or forwards only bring you closer to your desires. So take joy in where ever you should find yourself that you are participating in life's eternal dance.
Dance in the sunlight...

I never thought of moving forward and backwards as a dance, but I guess it could be. Not being a dancer it just seems irritating. But for all you dancers, take joy in knowing that this is up your alley. You are so graceful in your movements.

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