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Friday, January 9, 2015

Living A Compassionate Life

Sometimes it’s difficult to be compassionate to others when your judgement gets in the way. We know that you work to be loving towards others, but who do you feel is deserving. Everyone has differences in what they consider a priority in life. Values differ from person to person. So what you think is important, someone else may not. Instead of having to choose who deserves your consideration, what if you are compassionate to all. Everyone is in pain in some way. We are all suffering in life, but whether or not you are able to see it depends on our life circumstances. No one is more or less than anyone else. So when you begin your day tomorrow, remember that everyone deserves your compassion. When you begin to look at life this way, you will see how our much our lives are intertwined.

There is so much beauty in life…

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