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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Listen and Learn

You say you are listening, but it’s difficult to listen to others when you’re always talking. You have so much to learn in this lifetime, but you seem to think you know all the answers. Even though there are times that you may be unsure of yourself, you fear that others will judge you if you can’t respond correctly. We all come from different experiences, so embrace what others have to say because they may add something to your story that will make it come alive. By assuming you know more than others you are only limiting yourself. It’s in the silence you begin to learn a little more about who you are. This is not a competition of who knows more, but  trusting that the more you acknowledge your ignorance the more you will gain. It’s time to step off the podium and let others share their knowledge. You’ll be surprise at how much fuller your life can become.

golden buddha
In the silence, we hear more…

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