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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Good Intentions For The Holidays

Although the holiday season is supposed to bring good cheer, many of you become frustrated with expectations not being met. You expect so much not only of yourself but of others. You begin the holidays with good intentions of being compassionate and patient with others but as the days go by you realize how things are not going exactly the way you thought they would. Stores are more crowded than you remembered them to be, drivers are impatient, and family members are who they have always been. With all of that going on, your good intentions fly out the window. Instead of finding humor in the moment, you strike out. So choose your words and actions very careful for although you may not remember what you’ve done, they are not easily forgotten by others. Know that there is still time to enjoy the holiday season the way it was meant to be, by spending special moments with family and friends. 

Join us for dinner on the beach…

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