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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All In Good Time

At this time of year, you may be reflecting upon all of the things you haven’t had time to complete. It may be a little frustrating knowing that another year has gone by and you still haven’t realized some of your goals. In fact, some of them may have been on your list for awhile. You wonder what keeps you from completing them. They are important enough for you to keep on your list, but truly how important are they? If you look at what you’ve accomplished so far, they may have been things that flowed more easily. It was time for them to be fulfilled. Everything comes in it’s own time and when it does it will be an important part of your life at that moment. Know that some of the things on your list are there because you listened to the spirit within you, preparing you for something that will affect the course of your life. Trust that there is a plan bigger than yours could ever be.

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Let’s just relax today…

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